Thursday, July 31, 2014

Think Out Loud #11

Think Out Loud.
This is a weekly meme used for bloggers
to post something they would normally not post.
So, post whatever YOU want!
MadauG and ClarA's 
 Friendship pandas

MadauG: I saw these awesome stuffed pandas at a store one day and I thought it would be fun if my best friend and I bought them. Like a couple thing.  The idea was we would both buy one and they'd be twin pandas with their own unique personality (which we would invent). For some reason she assumed we were gonna buy porcelain pandas.....Not complaining but I think it was pretty clear I meant stuffed ones and who buys porcelain pandas. I mean really..?

ClarA: I assumed they were porcelain or something, because you don't like stuffed animals. And no, you were not clear, you meant STUFFED pandas. The thought of you buying stuffed pandas never crossed my mind. And there are people who buy porcelain stuff. I've been to a house that had like an entire cupboard full of porcelain things. I liked the idea of doing something together. To strengthen our bond or something like that. 

MadauG:.....Yes, there are people who collect porcelain dolls. I saw some in an episode of SUPERNATURAL and you know what that show is about? DEMONS !  I thought you'd like the idea that's why I asked you, so we could have our own thing together. The shop we went had a lot of cool and affordable stuff didn't it? And the pandas were affordable too. What did you think when you saw them?

ClarA: I've never actually watched an entire episode of Supernatural. I wouldn't say cool. Although I'd love one of the gigantic teddy bears they have. Yeah they were affordable, considering stuffed animals can be expensive. I thought they were cute. With the big head and small body.

MadauG: I wouldn't describe them as cute; more like "majestic" and 'laid back".  We decided to give them names. I named my panda Haru after a Korean pop singer's daughter (TABLO). I like Korean dramas and music so I had already decided on a Korean name. I also decided to give them their own sounds, because we weren't sure what sounds pandas made. So following this reasoning my panda makes an "ehehehehe" sound. This is the sound Tom Hiddleston makes when he laughs. I am not kidding you people.

ClarA: Yeah she really thought about the name beforehand. However I could not decide on a name yet for my little cutie. I actually went online to look up some cool names. I actually wanted to give my panda a gender neutral name, but I didn't find a name that suited her. I was considering naming my panda Ethan or Khaleesi. But then I looked at my panda long and hard and the name came to me.... She was a Sofia. The sound Sofia makes is "cacaw". Why, you ask? I was thinking about this really funny part in the movie "Evolution" where they were trying to call the dragon in the mall. Sean William Scott made the sounds: "cacaw" and "tookie tookie". And I just loved it.

MadauG: Dude, seriously you're making it sounds like you're naming a baby. It's a panda, a stuffed panda. And again you cannot name any one "Khaleesi" it's a title not a name, woman. I knew that's why you gave her the "cawcaw" sound. I love it too. 

ClarA: Well, she is one of my many babies now. It can be a name too. If people can name their daughters "Princess", why can't I have the possibility of naming her "Khaleesi".

Alright guys, introducing Haru and Sofia !

Lkes: : sleeping, eating and reading with MadauG. 
Dislikes: when Sofia gets all huggy and when MadauG won't share food with her. 
Biggest Dream: developing pyrokinetic  powers.
Fears: getting her white fur dirty and ...bamboo. 
DOB: July 17th 
Identification mark: bow earring right ear.
Identification: Bow earring on right ear

                                                                                          Sofia ---->
Likes: hanging out with her friends, keeping ClarA company while she studies. 
Dislikes: Being ignored, "flying" with "The Dude". 
Biggest Dream: to be played with when "Muffinhead" makes her appearance. 
Fears: Getting lost and never finding a way back, getting drooled on. 
DOB: July 17th  
Identification: red polka dot scarf, earring on the left ear, sometimes with a pink hair clip on the right side.

Thanx for stopping by and welcoming our new mascots !


  1. You made me laugh. I love the back and forth! What is this movie with Sean William Scott that I've never heard of? I do not collect porcelain anything, just means I'll break it or have to feel so lazy since I will never dust them. I'm glad you went with stuffed. Haru is afraid of bamboo, huh? Sadness.

    Fun TOL. My blog does not have a mascot. I'm so lame. I hope you're having a great summer!

    1. The movie is called "Evolution" with Julianne Moore and David Duchovny. Hilarious movie!

      ~ ClarA RowlKin

  2. LOL That was hilarious. You girls are going to have so much fun with your new mascots.



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