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Waiting for Dead Men's Shoes by Lauren Baratz-Logsted

Underachiever Minette "Mini" Monroe has long dreamt of how much better life would be if only she were in charge of the world, said world being the independent bookstore in Westport, CT, where she's worked for the past half dozen years. After her beloved boss Colin Quimby is murdered, Mini gets her wish and also gets a chance to solve the case, aided by hot young Officer Michael "Mickey" Maus. Despite his unfortunate nickname - would any woman really voluntarily become part of Mini and Mickey Maus? - Mini takes a shine to him, but there's no real time for romance, not when Mini has her hands full dealing with Colin's viper's nest full of ex-wives, offspring, former business partners and current business rivals, all of whom had good reason to want to see Colin dead. Who will turn out to be the guilty party? The only way to find out is to read WAITING FOR DEAD MEN'S SHOES, a madcap comedic novel that proves that the Shakespeare Unabridged Globe and the Oxford English Dictionary are still a girl's best weapons.
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After having read the book and then rereading the summary, I couldn't help but burst out in laughter. I had assumed the line a madcap comedic novel that proves that the Shakespeare Unabridged Globe and the Oxford English Dictionary are still a girl's best weapons was meant metaphorically and not literally. Well, was I wrong and the madcap comedic novel should be taken literally as well.

I think this will be one of those books a lot of readers will enjoy because it centers around the main character who is a very stereotypical bookworm. Minette is a lover of books and she's living the dream (well at least I think so). She works in a bookstore! she knows where everything is, is grumpy to some customers, has quite an imagination that sometimes challenges the boundaries of reality. She's well read which is good because that leads to many literary references in the book which I enjoyed a lot.

 The book is completely told from Minette's POV. Who wouldn't want to hear a bookworm tell a story? Although sometimes I didn't like Minette's attitude. Her opinion of others seemed too judgmental, but even Minette addresses that and isn't pretentious about herself. Which I guess puts things in balance. Minette also has cats and is of the opinion cats are better than dogs. I disagree....although I like neither.

The leading character, the sub-characters and the writing is what make this book stand out. However the plot is pretty standard. The murder-who-did-it plot. The owner of Minette's bookstore is murdered and Minette's one or the only person who genuinely feels bad about this and decides to investigate. Even more motivated to do this when she meets the handsome officer on the case. Who coincidentally is named Mickey Mause. Minette decides to investigate. Officer Maus decides to help after some convincing from her of course. 

Minette clearly has a thing for officer Maus and the banter between the two is always enjoyable and also the insight into her crazy mind is an addition to the humor which is another thing that makes this a fun read. I should address that although Minette is romantically interested in officer Maus (very interested to the point that she calls stakeouts and breaking and entering "dates" ) the book is mainly a detective novel and not so romantic, although that is there as a subplot. 

The ending! predictable but funny and exciting. It all goes down in the bookstore. I guess if you're slightly more attached to books than the normal person and when reading about books getting shot at and thrown all around, you'd be a bit more distraught. Minette survives the ordeal even after getting shot at. but ho!! she is saved by.......well the Shakespeare Unabridged Globe and the Oxford English Dictionary of course! haven't you been paying attention?

This is a fun read, well written in sarcasm and narrated by your very own average bookworm. 


*I was asked by the author to review this book.

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