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Revenge of the Prowler ( issue 1 and 2 ) by Timothy Truman and John K. Snyder

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Timothy Truman and John Snyder’s Prowler returned in this 1988 mini-series. The Prowler, a former hero of the Golden Age has grown old, and the costumed villains he used to chase are few and far between. In this adventure, he must chase down a child porn ring with the help of new partner Scott Kida. In the end, the trail takes them to Sweden, where the Prowler learns that the ring’s mastermind has a very familiar face…

Both issues are divided into a present part and a past part. In the present we have the Prowler and his apprentice( Scott) and in the past we have the Prowler and his old cases.

Issue 1:
Writer :  Timothy Truman and Michael Price
Artist: John K. Snyder and Graham Nolan
Publisher: Eclipse

The present:
The first scene is very gruesome. Dead bodies piled up and a boy and a man (the Prowler) standing in the doorway . The boy, Scott Kida, isn't very comfortable with the situation and looks on horrified. Over the scene the speech boxes read like a letter. This was a bit bothersome to read because it's an actual letter with a different font to make it seem handwritten. Albeit you get use to it. It's a letter Scott writes to his aunt and uncle telling them his alright.

 The Prowler gets a visit from old friends, Devils Dogs,  one of their granddaughters been kidnapped en they suspect she's being used for child porn. So the Prowler and Scott investigate.

The Past
I actually enjoyed reading about the Prowler in his prime more than reading about him in the present (the old guy). It's like watching an old cartoon with the bam-boom like scenarios. The names are fun too.
In this issue a man, Herman, gets bitten by a bat and people think he's become a vampire but later the guy loses his head. So an octopus vampire? Anyways it was a ploy by the crazy  Dr Von Neiman to develop some kind of living growing tissue . Dr Von Neiman was also being helped by another villain "Murder Legendre".

Of course the Prowler shows up to save the day. There's one scene where the Prowler runs into a reporter, Geraldine Crane. This was an amusing  bit and annoying I suppose.

after bumping into each other:
Prowler: miss Crane!ever the dutiful news reporter,eh?
Crane: the Prowler, I presume! my how this boy gets around!
Prowler: Save the banter, you have done a fine job of delaying me! see if you can be of use!Summon the police..and an ambulance as well..to that apartment building hurry woman! Exit Prowler
crane: "be of use...hmph!' well looks as if someone's already called the law

Amusing: because reporters are annoying and always poke their noses where they shouldn't. I don't hate all reporters. If it was Mikael Blomkvist then I'd be a bit nice .
Annoying: Leo Kragg is the Prowler. as Leo he's all gentlemen like but the prowler himself can be a bit rude. Or maybe he also doesn't like reporters.

<- Last scene from issue 1. the prowler promising to get the madmen, murder legendre.

Issue 2
Writer: Timothy Truman
Artist: John K. Snyder
Publisher:  Eclipse

The Present
The Prowler and Scott folllow show leads which brings them to a dump with a drugdealer and pimp. more information leads them to more people involved in drug and child smuggling.

One thing really weirded me out. the prowler follows a lead that brings him to the chairman of a prominent association. The AFMBL because this association raises so much money for good causes they reluctantly get support from various liberal movements. I'm weirded out and disgusteed because AFMBL stands for "association for man-boy love" . Their motto is "sex by nine for a healthy mind". I get the comic deals with child pornography but it's come on. Is having a logo like that and a motto like THAT legal? and even if they raised lots of money would people really support them (even reluctanly). or maybe I understood wrong( feel free to clarify )

After all the investigating it leads them to Mexico and to get there they seek out the help of THE RACK MAN!!

The past
This had a evil twin plot. One twin is a mute an is being trialed for murder he gets released because the witnessed said the murderer had spoken but the man (twin) on the stand was mute.

Everytime mr Breen ( one of the twins) killed a person they'd say "nice night for a murder". It ends with the Prowler saving the day and of course miss Crane was in the middle again (damn reporters) but it's nice to know she has a sense of humor.



  1. Sounds a bit weird, but those are always the best ones, huh? LOL.

  2. Indeed. Poor Wee wee, the arse... onist. LOL. thanks for stopping by!



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