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Cat and Mouse in Partnership , Our Lady's Child , The Story of the Youth who went forth to Learn about Fear by the Brothers Grimm

A Fairy tale Treat 

From the complete illustrated fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm

2.Cat and Mouse in Partnership

A certain cat and a mouse play house. They hid a pot of fat away for the winter. The cat  becomes hungry and lies to the mouse about going to a christening where she is the godmother of the little kitty that's been born. The mouse gives her leave. The cat goes to the pot and licks the top of the fat off. Later the mouse asks her what they  named the kitty. Top-off she answers. This the cat does two more times with the same lie that she's been made grandmother again. The other two kitty's names then are half-done and all gone. When winter comes the mouse sees the pot is empty and understands what's happened . He's vexed at the cat and the cat eats him. verily that is the way of the world  

I like this story and how it ends. It's fun to tell to friends  The ending gets them every time. The last sentence , I guess, gives the moral of the story. A cat and a mouse can't be friends. The strong will always take advantage of the weak or rule over the weak. 

3.Our Lady's Child
Hard by in a great forest a woodcutter and his wife and their only child, a beautiful daughter but they could not care for her so then the Mother Mary comes and offers to take the child and raise her as her own. The child grows up in heaven and one day the Mother leaves on a journey and gives the child the keys to the 13 doors of heaven. She may look through all the doors except the 13Th. But the child breaks her promise and opens the 13th door . When the Mother returns she asks the girl three times if she opened the 13th door. 3 times the girl denied /lied that she did not. So the mother banished her to earth and took her voice. The girl is eventually taken in by a King . Who marries her and makes her his Queen. The Queen then has a son and the Mother comes again and asks her if she opened the door. Again she denies so the Mother takes her son. The people in the kingdom believe she's a man eater when they realize  the son is missing but because the King loved her he protected her. The Queen then had another son and the Mother came again and the Queen denied it again and lost her second son. and again the king protected her. One day the Queen had another child, a daughter. The Mother game again and showed her how happy her two sons were and said if she confesses she could have her two sons and her daughter. The Queen denied and the Mother took her daughter. This time the King could not protect her and she would be burned at the stake and at the stake is where the Queen confessed to opening the 13th door  and the Mother descended from heaven and gave the Queen her children, untied her tongue and gave her happiness for her whole life.

This is my favorite story so far. The lesson is 'he who repents his sin and acknowledges it, is forgiven"
I prefer honesty above anything. The Queen  should have been honest from the start. She had three chances and lied every time then she had more chances and still lied. She couldn't even tell the truth for the sake of her children but did for herself. Being honest isn't easy, it's hard at times but it's better for your own peace of mind.

4.The Story of the Youth who went forth to Learn about Fear

A certain  father had two sons, a smart one who could do everything and a stupid one who could neither learn nor understand anything. The second son wanted to know what it was like to shudder (fear). One day a priest takes him in and tries to scare him by dressing up like a ghost and hiding in the bell tower in hopes of scaring the boy when he came up to ring the bell. The boy wasn't scared and ended up throwing the priest down the stairs. When the boy's father heard this he disowned his son who left to learn what it was to shudder. This is a funny story the boy ends up wandering and a man promises to make him shudder by telling him to sit under a tree. Later the boy sees men hanging from the tree. Remember this boy isn't very bright and didn't understand that the men hanging from the tree were dead men .So he pules the men down and put them near the fire so they could get warm. They caught fire and burnt all of them. The boy told them how foolish they were for not even trying to put out the fire and they all burnt. Next the boy ended up in a haunted castle. The king tells the boy if he can stay in the castle he'd be rewarded. He then stays in the castle and gets visited by scary dogs and ghosts. He gets rewarded and marries the Kings daughter. but alas the boy still did not know what it was to shudder and he would mutter this every night in his sleep so his wife who thought this annoying threw a bucket of water on him and he woke up shuddering.

This is a funny and entertaining story with a nice ending. You can't help but laugh at the idiotic boys bravery or stupidity. It also reminds me of one of the episodes from the Triplets I never saw the whole episode. I only saw that the boy wasn't scared of anything and they send him into amusement park at night. He wasn't afraid of the park itself what scared him was one of the girls scarf, which was flying in the wind.



  1. Oh, great. Now you've gone and made me want to read fairytales again. ;)

  2. Ohhh :O I need to get them and I love fairytales *-*



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