Friday, April 27, 2012

Lothaire (Immortals After Dark # 12 ) by Kresley Cole

First off. I love the cover! That's one of the many  reasons that made me really want to read this book. Other than being an IAD fan. The book trailer is also amazing, Paul Marron is hot! and by that I mean I respect his mind. Also interesting fact:  Did you know that Paul Marron is also the cover model for Lover avenged (BDB # 7 )?

Anyways back to the book, Lothaire. I've always had mixed feelings about his character because I'm never sure if he's the good guy or the bad guy. When I'm convinced he's bad he goes and does something not so bad, yes it might be something that benefits (always) him but it's still neutral ground. Hate this character or love this character. He's insane, selfish, crazy and a douchebag. No, seriously after reading this book (alright halfway into the book) the guy is a douchebag.

So Lothaire finds his bride , Ellie. Ellie is possessed by Saroya, vampire goddess of death. Naturally Lothaire assumes it's Saroya who's his mate/bride because it couldn't possibly be the weak human. Lothaire then lets her get caught by the cops . She ends up in prison (death-row). When Ellie's on the execution table that's when Lothaire shows up to save his bride. He then continues to assume Saroya is his bride and treats Ellie like some kind of vessel/body that has his bride in it. He belittles her, treats her like a possession. What.a.douche bag. He's also bossy and threatens to murder Ellie's family to get her to cooperate with him. douchebag!! While reading this book I couldn't look at the dust jacket. Although Lothaire is attractive he's also scary as hell and intimidating. His character is so frightening and intimidating that the freaking dust jacket bugs me.

I loved Ellie's character and how she kept psychoanalyzing Lothaire. She's from Appalachia. I don't know where that is, but apparently that's the lowest kind of human according to Lothaire and he doesn't forget to remind Ellie about her backwater, low cast roots. What I loved about Ellie is that she didn't feel insulted by all the rude , douche baggy things Lothaire said to her because according to Ellie "Insults only hurt when they come from somebody you respect" (damn straight!) Ellie tries to seduce Lothaire into choosing her over Saroya so she wouldn't have to die. This is where the book gets a bit steamy. But Lothaire is still a douche bag! He still continues to put her down. He hurts her in so many ways. Even when he suspects Ellie could be his Bride he still hurts her!! Douche bag!!

One of the best parts in this book is when Lothaire (after he turns Ellie into a vampire) gets his head cut off by Ellie. Of course this was an accident but he didn't know that. Ellie gets taken by the Valkyrie and Lothaire by the Dacian ( new kind of vampires). Lothaire Hates Ellie now (but not really, he's miserable ) and rips his heart out of frustration and sends it to Ellie. Ellie responds and cuts off her middle finger and sends it with Nix to Lothaire  (you go girl!).

I was looking forward to this book because I really wanted to now what happened to Sabin's sister after she fell or did she get dragged down by the winged guy. Sadly there's only a mention that they're still looking for her  and I wanted to read more about my favorite Valkyrie Nix!

Lothaire gets really desperate and goes to Nix for help. Nix is wearing a shirt that says "why can't we be friends" (I love her shirts) and how fitting for Lothaire seeing as they were once friends. She doesn't really help Lothaire with her cryptic answer but she does piss him off a lot. Then there's the part of the story when Nix enters Dacia to deliver Ellie's "package". Lothaire and Nix have a moment. I loved this part. 

It's a happy ending. Lothaire is still a douche bag but Ellie keeps him straight. Lothaire is going to help Nix find her sister, Fury. The book ends with Lothaire holding a knife to  kristoff's neck with these last lines "hello brother...."



  1. So... Lothaire is a douchebag? LOL. Looks like he didn't deserve Ellie. Well, I have the first books in the series here, just wating for me... but I'll get to them soon enough. Love your review!

  2. Wow, this sounds really complex--but I guess since it's the 12th in a series, if it wasn't complex there wouldn't be that many books :D You explained it really well, though. I love a character who makes you think "Are they good or bad?" but this guy sounds like a jerk. I do love the model though. After reading your review I was like, Yeah. That's Rhev!! Personally, I prefer the BDB cover tattoos ;)
    Ninja Girl

  3. Lothaire is a really good book.
    You use the word "Douchebag" alot.
    Lothaire is not a douche, he's just confused. He doesn't know how to act around women. He had a troubled past. And the same things his father did to him he did to Ellie. But he came around and apologized.

    1. Those are excuses. There are many people(characters) with a troubled past who aren't...what's the word..oh douchebags.
      And it's not easy liking a character that since book one was known as a bad guy. AND Leo ain't confused, the Douche knows exactly what he's doing...even if they're douche things to begin with.
      Also this IS a good book. I gave it 5/5

    2. 5 is low.
      I don't know, maybe I should've read the series from the beginning.My friend RISMA, gave me it to read. So I did.I'll read the other series eventually,but for now I don't agree with you calling him a douchebag.

    3. woah you have an awesome friend!
      She must have a bunch of great books.
      I think Risma will agree that you should definitely get into the series.
      Thank you for stopping by!

    4. She's not that awesome. She's kinda a douchebag. (I hope she's not a member of this page). If it wasn't for a guy she knew at school, she would've never heard of Lothaire.
      But she does have a couple of great books.

  4. ClarA should have edited this



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