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Johnny the Homicidal Maniac (issue 1 & 2) by Jhonen Vasquez

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The series focuses on the 20-something year old anti-hero Johnny C, also known as "NNY" (pronounced 'knee'). He is a deranged serial killer, mass murderer, and spree killer who interacts with various other characters, generally by murdering them. He elaborately kills anyone who even slightly irritates him, then drains their blood and paints one of the walls in his house with it. Johnny is also willing to murder "innocent" people who, in his twisted mind, deserve their fate for some reason or another. The number of Johnny’s victims is in the dozens, if not hundreds — or perhaps even thousands. Authorities are unable to capture Johnny and seem unaware of his existence, even though his crimes are often witnessed in public and reported by the few who manage to survive.(from Goodreads)

I"m not an avid comic book reader but I actually enjoyed this depressing, funny,sarcastic and gory comic. Oh yeah I forgot to mention 'Insane" and "Honest".
The issue starts with a note from the author. Interesting sarcastic thoughts from Mr Vasquez.

I bought issues 1 and 2. Each comic seems to have a structure. First there's a story with Johnny then a short about a caricature named Wobbly Headed Bob who is superior than everybody else and must save them from their own stupidity and ignorance. These always end up with somebody dying. Meanwhile we jump to other events happening elsewhere. Then back to Johnny who's probably killing somebody ,then to another caricature named Happy Noodle Boy who's an  insane homeless person and then to the end, which ends with an entry from Johnny's diary.

I like the vocabulary in this comic and the writing on everything cans,shops,t-shirts,buildings. The speech boxes seem too cramped with text. Long text. The text or logo on Johnny's shirts also changes in each scene. That's fun to read and discover.

Issue 1 Johnny breaks into his neighbors house and practically traumatizes that poor kid for life.  My favorite part in this issue is when Johnny freaks out when somebody makes a remark about his appearance saying he looks "wacky". He flips out about the use of such an ass lancing word! and then kills everybody.
motive : " Without fail!! every time I leave my house. It's  as if I've given up my every right to be left alone,or treated with respect!! You flies, with your unyielding  little minds! you think my differences from you is an excuse to comment on me. as if I were on display for you!! like I'm the way I am because I want the incessant gawking of strangers!! not only that but you used the word "wacky"!!!"

This guy seems really unstable and it's understandable why he'd kill those morons. Of course killing them didn't really change anything. Albeit I now have a healthy fear of ever telling anybody they look wacky.

<-Meet Wobbly headed Bob :Doomed with superior knowledge. I love this guys sincere opinions on things be it life,love,education or suicide. 

Your thoughts on love Bob: " woeful deceit,soon will you keep each others company merely to sustain your guttural carnal desires. Enjoy yourselves while your simple lust is veiled by delusions of complex affections"

-> Happy Noodle Boy, So he's some insane homeless guy that stands on a box preaching about crazy stuff or screaming about he's genitalia. or maybe spending time jumping on cars making animal noises. Either way he's insane and annoying and I'm always happy when at the end somebody shoots him in the face. Although I've only read two JTHM comics I very much hope he dies in the other comics as well.

Issue 2
"Why are people so.........unpleasant"

Although Johnny's this unstable,crazy homicidal person there are aspects of his character you could relate too. Only difference is we wouldn't go out killing people or maybe we just haven't reached that breaking point yet?

Interesting thing happening in this issue is when Johnny goes on a date .Everything goes normal until Johnny tries to kill his date but gets his ass kicked by a girl. The serial killer getting felled by a chick.

In both issues Johnny tries to kill himself.  In issue 1 he gets talked out of it by inanimate objects that can talk but what really saves him is the TV . In issue 2 he gets extremely suicidal after the store clerks tells him the brain-freez machine is off so no brain-freez. Johnny then wants to die and take the clerk with him. He kills the clerk . Now he can't kill himself because there was only one bullet!! he gets over this set back very fast when he sees  some fiz-wiz in the shop.

Each issue ends with a Dear Diary entry. I leave Johnny(issue2) as he plans to go out and kill a clown. I have little sympathies for clowns because they're creepy.

I hope I can find more of these comics at my bookstore because this is actually an interesting thought provoking comic and funny that borders on frightening. I really hope I never meet the author .

Grade: O

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  1. That sounds hilarious!!! And very critical. :) My kind of reading.



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