Friday, April 13, 2012

The Darkest Seduction ( Lords of the Underworld #9) by Gena Showalter

First of the cover: I love it! The woman can pass as Sienna and ever since I've seen this cover I've been ever wanting to read this book.

This book is full of surprises! and has an awesome but also mushy ending. seriously the last pages are so mushy.

I've never found Sienna's character that interesting. although in this book we get to know more about her. Her character develops from the mousy woman into a more feisty chick. Se has more balls now and newly possessed by Wrath she's rocking those wings...when she eventually learns how to use them.

Paris succeeds in finding Sienna with help from William and Zacharel but trust becomes an issue between them which  they eventually resolve. Sienna and Paris's story develops nicely . This book reminds me of the first LOTU books because Paris was one of the first characters I read about but his character has changed a lot too. He becomes more darker and yet he's still Paris. So reading  his story was interesting. Paris gave up Sienna to save Wrath. Sienna betrayed Paris when she posed as bait. These two have baggage. And Paris is possessed by the demon of sex so there is  a  lot of that going on. angry sex, recovery sex, recreational sex, some more recovery sex, yeah.

There are also other things happening in this book and we  meet  new characters . Sienna kills Cronus and she becomes the new boss-queen and gets all of Cronus's powers. Kane's still trapped in hell being raped by she-demons who want to have his babies. He gets rescued by a mysterious woman. I want to guess that it's the female horsemen but they can't leave hell. The woman who saves Kane said she'd take him  out of hell in return he should end her life. Ashlyn gives birth to her twins who they insanely name "Ever" and "Urban" , well actually they claim the kids picked their own names. Which could be possible seeing as their demon babies!! I preferred Williams suggestions Murder and Mayhem . Those seem like fitting names. Oh and there's  some kind of romance between Galen and legion.

The lords also move from the old castle to the one Cronus kept Sienna in. There she was kept prisoner as well as three other immortals. Interesting immortals I'd love to read more about. there's : Cameron- possessed by obsession , through Sienna we get an interesting glimpse of his past "blood,battle, a woman in  his arm, limp, dead...."  brief description of Cameron : " his bronze, glistening skin,sweat dripping along the sexy ridges of his muscles....' yes very interesting.
Pukinn- I could badger this guy about the weirdness of his name but he'd probably ignore me seeing as he's possessed by the demon of indifference, half beast and half man with an Irish accent. What a weird combination I'm not sure how to feel about this beast-man although I'm very curious.
the there's Winter- possessed by selfishness. Cameron and Winter might be related.

There's also another new immortal : Viola who's possessed by narcissism. MY GOD!! this chick is so self-centered. Even reading about her talking about herself is annoying. I pity the Lords.

Ofcourse I have to mention my favorite angel Zacharel. I can't wait for his book. I really want to read about the woman who  melts his ice.

Things are looking good for the lords at the end of this book. It's a happy ending but a confusing one for  me. Did I miss something is this serie ending? because it feels like that. Cronus dead, Sienna the  new queen, no more trouble from the hunters. I'm confused. What about Kane and Torin?


  1. love the cover!! can't wait to start the series. :)

  2. I've been looking at this series. Lords of the Underworld, huh? 0_0 Great cover, sounds like a very up-my-alley story. I'll definitely check it out! Btw love your quotes over there in the sidebar :)
    Ninja Girl

  3. Adore the series, but I have to say I loved Viola although she was annoying at times and it seemed as though she was just there to help the story along.
    *Spoilers alert* on the whole sienna killed Cronus thing.
    I was interested by Galen housing not just one demon but two and the situation with Legion has got me wanting more.
    Ever waiting on Willy and Gilly's story. Interesting deal that Torin made with Cronus.
    Did anyone else wonder about the woman who rescued Kane (presumedly the female Horseman) seeming very much like Viola in appearance before changing into a more latino looking woman? Could they be one and the same? If so what about the pink haired fallen warrior?

    1. I've been wondering about Kane yes. the fates predicted 2 women for him didn't they?
      oh yes the pink haired angel. He is an interesting character but Zacharel consumes all my attention.



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