Monday, April 9, 2012

Bleach volume 37 by Tite kubo

Beauty Is So Solitary: Soul Reaper captain Shinji Hirako has uncovered Aizen's betrayal, but it may be too late. As some of the Soul Society's greatest Soul Reapers transform into Hollows, it will be up to Kisuke Urahara to save them. And back in the present time, the grand battle between the Thirteen Court Guard Companies and the remaining Espada finally begins!

Volume 37 continues where we left off in volume 36. Aizen reveals himself to Shinji as the person responsible for kidnapping some of the soul reapers and also reveals he's been experimenting on them. He then goads Shinji into getting angry speeding up his hollowfication process. 

Gin and Kaname are also aiding Aizen in his "crazy experiment".

Urahara and Tessai then show  up and . They save  Shinji and Co take them to Urahara's barracks and try to reverse what Aizen did.  Now we now where Tessai and Urahara's friendship began and how. We also learn more about the Hogyoku.

Aizen then rats on Urahara and Tessai to the Council of 46. He comes up with this story that Urahara has been the one kidnapping and experimenting on the soul reapers which of course the old farts believe. Yoroichi comes to save Urahara and the rest. Now we know why Yoroichi is also banned from Soul Society

The pendulum stops now and we go back to the confrontation with the soul reapers and Aizen over karakura town.

This volume has 10 chapters in it , the first 3 are the last chapters of the pendulum arc. The rest goes back to the Fight with the Espada. The first fight is between Ayegawa and Charlotte . This is a funny and annoying fight. We also learn more about Ayegawa's zanpakuto

We get glimpses of Ichigo and his friends in Las Noches trying to save Orihime. There's also a scene in Las Noches between Ulquiorra and Orihime.  This really emo scene with Ulquiorra and Orihime. He asks her " what is a heart ? can it be seen if I rip open this chest of yours? If I crush  you're skull will I find it there?
<- emooooo
 Alright prince of darkness YOU are in serious need of a happy meal. Then enters Ichigo . The fight between Ichigo and Ulquiorra is really awesome so I might be contemplating buying the next issue just for that fight. 

As for the Espada's I like the use of spanish for naming their attacks. It's a nice touch to things.
Charlotte's  uses one of his attacks "blanca rosas" to surround Ayegawa and Charlotte where no one can see them. This gives Ayegawa the opportunity to use his zanpakuto's true form which he keeps secret from everybody.

As for Charlotte . Man I hate the guy. He's loud, sparkly and conceited. I know Ayegawa is as well but at least his aesthetic standers don't border on Ugly!

<- this guy ....just really.....*facepalm

Grade:  O

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