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Aliens vs Predator (issue 0,1 & 2) by Randy Stradley

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Traded my Johnny the Homicidal Maniac comics for 3 AvP comics(with full intentions of trading back, although I secretly would like to keep Alien vs Predator). I'm on the side of the Predators because lets face it the Aliens are ugly asses and predators are the badasses.All in all I for one am ecstatic that these creature don't exist because lets face it if they did.

<- Issue 0

The story starts by following a conversation between these two  (spaceship) pilots in outer space. Tom and Scott. Tom seems to have an ethical problem with mankind's attitude towards nature and other life forms. How we keep stripping planets of their natural resources for our own use leaving the other life forms there with nothing and how we harvest other species to extinction. Scott argue's that it's all for survival. It"s an interesting and thought provoking.

In this issue we see the Predators have one of the queen Aliens restrained and laying eggs . The eggs get scanned and the ones with other queen-like embryos get destroyed while the other eggs get loaded up on a ship then dropped on a planet so young predators can hunt them for their initiation trial. In one of the panels we see how the queen moves the machine with her, what my friend says is her vagina but I'm gonna go with ,birth tube to protect the egg with the queen-like embryo.
 What makes the conversation and the comic so great is how the conversation flows with the different panels. Tom thinks people have become to much codependent on technology(I agree) .In the panels we can see that although the Predators are far advance technologically they still rely on the old ways, instinct.

At the end of the comic you're left with one question? what happened to the egg?


Now we're on the planet Ryushi, population 115. This is the planet where they drop some of the eggs for an initiation hunt for younger Predators and the question we were left with in issue 0 gets answered. 

The story is narrated by Machiko Noguchi . The eggs that were dropped by the Predators have already hatched and infected some of the cattle-like rhino's called ryhnt. One of the ranchers finds one of the facehugger parasites near his herd and then makes up a story about finding it somewhere else, and not near his herd because he was scared   of having his cattle quarantined, AT the risk of sending  infected meat to other planets!! *it's dumb people like this guy that's gonna get us killed!!
When the Predators arrive they get spotted by one of the humans on Ryushi, doc Revna,who was investigating the facehugger parasite. The Predators try to stop him and doc Revna in his failed attempt to escape crashes his hover bike into the Predators ship which gets them stranded. This is one of my favorite parts. After the crash there's a 4 part panel :Revna's skull on the ground,skull gets picked up by Predator,Predator shows skull,then Predator crushes skull with his bare hands/claws(whatever you wanna call it)!
Tom and Scott(Douchebag) are also in this comic. This time we get to actually see them.They arrive on Ryushi to collect the cattle  when they enter the ship to leave..... BAM there's the queen egg, hatched and royally pissed off accompanied by other hatched Alliens. Now it's their turn

<--- Issue 2 

Out of the three comics this is my favorite cover but this issue ends on a annoying cliffhanger. 
A search party is send out to look for doc Revna. The search party  finds the remains of the Predator's ship where one of the searchers (moron) has a moment of misplaced enthusiasm and revers to the alien spaceship as a chariot of the gods! I mean really you find an alien spaceship You freaking run!! They also find an unconscious predator(yeah right) and decide to take him along to their lab(not knowing they're being followed by the other predators....fools).Children,  What do you do when you find an unconscious Predator? you RUN!!!!
Machiko approaches  (Tom's) ship to ask why they haven't left yet and the Aliens attack .She holds them off for a while until she losses her gun. It looks grim for a moment until a Predator shows up and kills the Aliens, inadvertently saving Machinko and that's the end. But what freaking happens then? does she die? she's between Aliens and Predators? her chances of survival are looking pretty freaking grim. really? I hate cliffhangers!!

This comic was more than I expected it to be. The first and second issue is in color. While reading these comics you can't help but feel sorry for these fictional people who you just know are gonna die. Very ugly deaths by very fugly looking creatures.

Grade: E


  1. I should have asked, is it better than the movies?

    1. I didn't like the new ones. I like the old Alien movie and the Predator movie(with Schwarzenegger)

  2. about the mermaid book, I'm not really a fan of that kind of book... or of fairies... but that's the kind of thing that seems to attract traffic to the blog, so... LOL. >.<' go figure.



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