Friday, March 30, 2012

The Hunger Games (The Hunger Games 1) by Suzzane Collins

I read this last year and and loved it. Also seeing as this book has been getting a lot of hype you probably already know what it's about . I haven't seen the movie yet and if you have I'd advice you to still go read the book. 

The Hunger Games is an awesome book. It has a great story ,good writing, wonderful characters and a level of seriousness I didn't expect from a young adult novel. This is one frighteningly good book! I still haven't read Cacthing Fire or Mockingjay because I'm waiting on the paperbacks. Albeit that didn't stop me from looking for spoilers and becoming depressed by them. I still want to read the other 2 books!

This book is about children getting forced to participate in a game called "The Hunger Games". This event is held to show the 'people" who's the boss and discourage them from rebelling from The Capitol. You're going to get pissed off by the Capitol and the people from The Capitol. They are just weird and weird looking. The Hunger Games is harsh . The participants(children) are called tributes and if they wanna win they're gonna have to kill each other till the last one standing. This is the reason I find this book scary. This shit could actually happen! the (any )government could go all dictatorial on us! Children being forced to kill is also not a recent phenomenon. It's old and still around in third world countries. Hell they could make us go around looking like that Trinket lady!

At first I didn't want to read The Hunger Games because 1. it being compared to twilight 2. the whole team Gale/Peeta thing.

note to you people: these 2 books are not comparable. please stop. seriously.
As for the team thing. This book is about oppression, effects of war, starvation and you're picking teams!! and the wrong freaking team!! Team Peeta FTW!

Katniss is the main character and the book is told from her POV. She enters the games with the sole purpose of surviving and coming back to take care of her family. Katniss's a survivor she's been taking care of her family since her dad died. She's only a kid in age. 

As for Peeta. He gets drafted into the Games. The boy with the bread  has been crushing on Katniss since he was 5. Great at camouflage . He's just a civilian . Although what I like about he's character is when he says He wants to find a way to show the capitol that they don't own him. Peeta doesn't want to kill anybody but understands what he's going to be forced to do.

In this book people are going to die. Children are going to die. Death. Gruesome deaths awaits you in this book. Oh and then they get turned into chimeras. Ah what the government does with our taxes, very creative.

The most horrible scene and touching but also shows how horrible The Games are is when Rue gets killed.
Rue! oh Rue!! I read this last year but when I think of Rue I think of a small fury woodland creature that you have to protect or take care of. Although Rue was small and most thought she'd be the first to get killed. She was very fast and sneaky and sweet and kind and they freaking killed her! Katniss's sang to her before she died and covered her with flowers and then maked a sign with her hand to honour Rue. Sad and touching and horrible! you're gonna feel some stuff reading this

Like I said this is a great book. So go read it, understand what it's about. Feel it .


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  1. oh, another HG fan!!! :)) Glad you liked it, too!!



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