Monday, March 5, 2012

Envy (The Fallen Angels #3) by J R Ward

Seven deadly sins. Seven souls to save. And a man and a woman treading the lines of danger, desire and deliverance ...As the son of a serial killer, homicide detective Thomas DelVecchio Jr grew up in the shadow of evil. Now, on the knife-edge between civic duty and blind retribution, he atones for the sins of his father. Hired to monitor Veck is Internal Affairs officer Sophia Reilly, whose interest in Veck is both professional and arousingly personal. But Veck and Sophia have a common interest. He's Jim Herron, a mysterious stranger enlisted to save the soul of a killer's latest victim, one precariously hovering between heaven and hell. Before Herron's job is done, Veck and Sophia will be inexorably drawn into a battle of good against evil, where the risk is nothing less than total damnation.

Alright here we go. Do you know this serie? then you're probably familiar with the characters Eddy Blackhawk and Adrian Vogel and of course Jim Heron and their little competition with Devina, le biaatch. 

This time their target is detective Veck Delvecchio, who's father is a serial killer. Veck's been having to deal with his dad's infamy all his life and always having to worry if he has some of his dad's evil in him. I like this characters struggle with his good and bad side. He has an interestingly troubled psychy. Are people born evil? are they their parents to blame? or do you define YOU. I also liked his honesty and that he's a big handsome brute, but not as handsome as Adrian.

The story has a lot of action, drama and steamy scenes. Reilly and Veck are attracted to each other from the get go,and not long after that they get it on.  I hated that Reilly was so easily convinced that Veck was the murderer (which he was being framed for). Althoug it's understandable with the information geven and Veck's parantage to believe that. She makes it right in the end by following up on things. They have a happily ever after.  

Now for the drama. Adrian and Eddy think Jim's too concerned with Sissy and want him to concentrate more on the war. This becomes an issue with the three. They have a big fight and separate. Ad and Ed get drunk and get attacked by a harpy. and fucking shit!! Eddy dies!!! he dies!! why?!! I like Adrian more but come on?!! Devina's plan was to destabilize Jim's team. On the contrary Jim and Adrian just stuck together and it worked in their favour because they won this battle. Jim used Devina's crush on him against her.  Clearly a sexual and disgusting crush .

This book is called Envy because 1. I suppose because it's one of the seven sins 2. because Devina envy's Veck and Reilly's realtionship and love. Yeah, she's a bitter and jealous biaatch aswell.

The next target is apparantly going to be Mathias from the previous book. Crave, Jim lost in that book and in the next book apparantly they get a next chance to save Mathias but the los from the previous book still stands.

Either way this was a wonderful and sad read.

Grade:  E


  1. what does E and O stand for? Excellent? Outstanding? ;)

    1. It's what I use to rate(grade) books I've read.
      O is "oustanding" which =5/5 yes. and E is "Exceeds Expectations" which= 4/5.

      It's under Grading Scale(page) if you'r interested in the other ones



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