Thursday, February 16, 2012

Reaction: The Hunger Games trailer #2

I've only read the first book.
I bougt it, I have it. I'm dying to read the other 2!!
It's a frightening book. That's my reaction to the book. It was a freaking sad, serious read.
Why did Rue have to die!!! why does she have to die!!!
I hope they don't botch her song!!

 The trailer: my reaction to the book, intensified by the trailer. It's frightening, and evokes emotions from me. I really want to go watch this one. Probably won't be able to. I shouldn't . I have exames coming. I really shouldn't. But I'm gonna.

I like the cast. Although I was surpised to see Woody Allen as Haymitch, although I'm pretty sure he'll do a good job. I like that Lenny Kravits is playing cinna. It's an interesthing casting. In the trailer you see Cinna helping Katniss with her jacket, the mockingjay brooch is on her shirt. Cinna motions her to be quiet about it.There's also a scene where Katniss makes a hand gesture in respect to Rue( cuz she died!!).

Some Lenny Kravits:

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