Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Dark-Hunters, vol 4 by Sherrilyn Kenyon

I finely got my hands on one of the
Dark-Hunter manga's , although I had to let the person borrow my Bleach manga. This way I'm going to have to give him his book back( not that I had any bad/criminal/thieving intentions)

Dark-hunter,vol 4 is the second part of Talon and Sunshine's story. Based on book 2 from the dark-hunter novels (Night Embrace). I've read all the dark-hunter novels  and enjoyed them immensely. They're funny,action packed and have great memorable characters.So it was a different experience for me to read Talon's story in manga form, with him saying lines from the book and seeing facial expressions from him , Sunshine and other characters. 

Talon's depiction in the manga is pretty young looking. Although when he's angry he has a more mature facial expression.

Acheron's depiction is great. It's dark and brooding ,just like it's suppose to be.

Further they got Fang's personality down right and Zarek's. Although Zarek is missing his goatee. Zarek!! I love that psycho and Nick's sarcasm. Vane's expression when he sees Bride for the first time. 

The manga is for ages 13  and up. 
This is an actual manga and not a comic. The pages of this book were created in the traditional japanese right to left manga format but don't worry Simi' will help you if you'r new to reading manga's.
Sexual content : kissing scenes. 

I'm happy that they didn't include sex scenes from the book because it would make me feel like I'm reading one of those smut manga's. Dark-hunter is so much more. *my opinion

Minus points would be when some of the character's go "gah". Yeah they actually say that "gah". I freaking hate that! even in the books. It ruins the effect of things. Some of the scenes depicted were weird for me, like bad acting. Sunshine gets kidnapped ,Talon's pissed but then he's calm.

I really loved this, although it's the second half of the book. I think each book is split into two parts.If that's the case then I can't wait to read Zarek's story in manga form.



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