Thursday, January 26, 2012

Review: Bleach vol 36 by Tite Kubo

Bleach: volume 36 Turn Back The Pendulum by Tite Kubo

I love Bleach. It's my first anime and favorite anime. Maybe not my absolute first but it tops the list. I had been reading the manga online up till the vizards kicked Aizen's butt, then there  was this new thing about fullbring, but since my favorite manga site went down . I've stopped reading and I'm well behind on whats happening.

Although I've already read The Pendulum arc.  I still bought the manga because it's my favorite arc. I really like the vizards. Compared to the soul reapers they're more badass, they're like delinquents you can't help but love. and they're badass.

This volume goes back 110 years into Soul Society history, when Shinji was captain, and the other vizards were apart of  Soul Society. It tells the story about them before and how they became vizards. And how Aizen was even then conspiring against Soul Society . Shinji was always suspicious about Aizen. So was kyoraku. I love this arc because you also get to see the other characters like a young hotheaded Byakuya different from the cold and calm one we know, also Urahara as captain of squad 5 and his relationship with Hiyori, and how Mayuri becomes head of his division, the origin of the 69 tattoo Hisagi has. This edison  of the manga (or maybe all editions ), I wouldn't know, this is the first manga  I've ever bought. I love how it's backwards (the manga binding) true to manga style reading you have to start at the "back" and read from right to left. Things I didn't like is the fact that it ended too quickly and this volume doesn't contain the whole pendulum arc, the rest of the story continues in volume 37, guess I have some saving up to do.

Grade: O

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