Saturday, January 7, 2012

~ Genre's ~

I like to read. My favorite genre would be Fiction/Fantasy. Lately I've read a lot of Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy. But also some Young Adult, Contemporary, Thrillers, Romance, Literature, Philosophy, Children's and a lot more. There are so many genre's out there I've yet to explore. I don't wanna stay in one genre . I want to mix it up. I'd like to explore some Sci-Fi and Historical maybe. Oh and some Steampunk and Dystopian.

I was browsing through the genre's list on goodreads, when i found a genre called "Bizzaro fiction" a sub genre of horror i think. "Bizzaro" yeah you've guessed it right : weird shit!

"Bizarro fiction is a contemporary literary genre, which often utilizes elements of absurdism, satire, and the grotesque, along with pop-surrealism and genre fiction staples, in order to create subversive works that are as weird and entertaining as possible". 

Great odds that's it's about crazy people doing crazy ,disgusting,scary-crazy-disgusting things. Of course this is mere speculation on my part from the many titles I've seen on goodreads. 
 -A Bear is Eating Me 
- A Haunted Vagina
-The Menstruating Mall
-Satan Burger (followed by the cover, of a naked guy crouching over a plate he's I assume about to SHIT on)
- The Baby Jesus Butt Plug
-Ass Goblins of Auschwitz 
-Sausagey Santa ?

 Some of these titles bug me to a certain end, that would make me not want to read the book. Of course there were other books with less freaky titles . this genre seems interesting enough. I found one book that  interested me  and added it to my TBR list. "Armadillo Fists" by Carlton Mellick III

It's about a woman , Psycho June Howard, aka Armadillo Fists,  who replaced both of her hands with living armadillos. Bizzar? oh i know.

What's your favorite genre? are you exploring any new genre's?


  1. Hello.

    I've recently had a collection of stories, "A Hollow Cube is a Lonely Space," published by Eraserhead Press (publisher of "Armadillo Fists," et al.). If you're interested in reviewing it, I'll send you a PDF copy.

    Here's an Amazon link, where you can see cover art, blurb and sample chapters:


    S.D. Foster

  2. Seems interesthing. you can send the pdf to

    I'm new at reviewing so don't expect anything great. but it will be honest.



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