Saturday, October 29, 2011

Review: Kiss of a demon king

This is my first real try at a book review.

'Kiss of a Demon King" is the 7th book in the Immortals After Dark series and man is it a page turner, well actually you'll burn your fingers turning the pages as you go or possibly suffer a paper cut because it's so damn steamy and hot. and umph.

This is saying A LOT because I just read the ebook .
Anyways "Kiss of a Demon King' runs parallel with the 6th book "Dark Desires After Dusk".
Rydstorm (hero) gets captured by the Queen of Illusions, Sabin. The sister of his mortal enemy Omort.
All Rydstorm wants is to defeat Omort and get his kingdom back. But then he is being held captive by this "wicked female" who torments him every night. Stoking his desire to a certain point and then leaving him dry.
He vows revenge and eventually gets it and some.

I loved Rydstorm he is just so "royally hot" and when he's pissed and loses control, did I mention the page burns?
And Sabin (heroin) was just a badass chick, she knows what she wants, no inhibitions. She has her own idea of justice and her own standard of measuring things you have to respect.
Trust was a major issue between Rydstorm and Sabin but they eventually got over that hurdle.
In the end the guy gets the girl and the kingdom. Happily ever after.

One of my favorites characters, the crazy one ,Nix the all-knowing.
I just love her. She's awesome and I'm always wondering what her shirts gonna say.
And whose bones she wants to jump next. Nix said something about "going down to Budapest" to "investigate" a group of demons who call themselves "The Lords of the Underworld".
Now seeing as I'm also a fan of Gena Showalter's "Lords of the Underworld" series. It just makes me wonder....

The next book is "Pleasure of a Dark Prince" .
Another thing besides the demons with the sensitive horns to like ,are the Lykae. I just love them . They stoke the READERS desire and leave THEM dry.

On a personal note I should probably stop reading' these books. My mind is turning to mush and my heart just depressed. Because there's no chance of it all being real. I don't mean the Lore but the love.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The GOodreads 2011 reading challenge

I challenged myself to reading 100 books this year.
At first i didn't think i was gonna make it. Ofcourse that was at first but then the summer vacation hit and i was going through books like chocolate cake, and i love cake.

I'm currently 14 books ahead of schedule it seems, cuz there are still 2 months left to go.
Somehow i ended up reading a lot of paranormal romance novels, which are awesome, but i still wanted to mix it up. I don't wanna stay in one genre, but the PR genre ain't boring, it doesn't seem to get boring at all.

Even tho schools started and i'm currently in an exam class i find it easy to escape from the stress . I really wanna graduate and finesh school. It's become important and havin' to possibly do the whole year over again is the most depressin' thing ever.

So although my mind wanders .and i zone out a lot during maths and economy period( i hate numbers). I'm determined to graduate and get this over with  and THEN i'll worry about university. going or not?

Anyways if you like to read and love books please check out . It's an awesome site and i love it. Also please like the page "the Su Bookclub(x)'' on facebook
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