Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Top 10 Book Boyfriends 2011

This task wasn't so easy because i don't really understand what is meant by "book boyfriend". A character who's in an actual relationship in the book? a character who's boyfriend material? or the girl characters love/crush interest?

Anyways here are my top 10 book boyfriends. If they don't  actually fit the "book boyfriend"(whatever exactly that means)  catagory in the book then i wish they were my boyfriend :)

BookBoyfriend#1 Peeta Mellark (The Hunger Games)

I know technically in the book he's a pretend boyfriend. But he's had a crush on Katniss since she was 5 and there's just something about The Boy with the Bread that's attractive. A kind of guy character who's hand you want to hold, who's shoulder you want to lay your head on. A comfortable and funny book boyfriend

BookBoyfriend#2 Edward Cullen (Twilight)

Eddy,Eddy ,Eddy. He's the ideal boyfriend. isn't he?. He's handsome and fine. Reads, knows shakespeare and his love is unconditional and irrevocable. The prince from all the fairy tales only diffrence is . He bites.

BookBoyfriend#3  Alex Fuentes( Perfect Chemistry)

He's the bad boy all the good girls secretly desire. He's got the bike ,the jacket, the tattoo's and the attitude. I loved Alex . Perfect chemistry was a wonderful read. I enjoyed it a lot and at the end i was wishing i had some fine chicano calling me "mamacita"

BookBoyfriend#4  Simone Evans (SBC Fighters 2)

Who doesn't like fighters?? I love guys that fight(sport). or can fight. I love action. Simone's character was bossy, loyal . He's a fighter but he's also a good guy who gets betrayed by his wife. This was one of my favorites from the SBC serie.

BookBoyfriend#5 Vane Kattalakis ( Night Embrace)

A guy who would judge you not by your looks but by what's inside. Isn't that what every chicks looking for, a Vane Kattalakis. A Hot, Sexy were-hunter :D

BookBoyfriend#6 Ronald Weasly (Harry Potter)

He's cute, he really is. and funny.

BookBoyfriend#7  Christian Ozera ( Vampire Accademy)

I love Christian . He's dark and mysterious and i liked that at first he and Lissa hated each other but when they started liking each other. He was supportive and protective.

BookBoyfriend#8 Declan Chase (Dreams of a Dark Warrior)

I really don't know if he counts as a book boyfriend but i'm adding him anyway because his irish and he can be the warden of my prison anyday while saying things to me in that irish brogue :D

BookBoyfriend#9 Jasper Hale (Twilight)

I guess what i like about Jasper is that his quiet and would do anything for Alice. He reminds me of a character from Fullmetal Alchemist(anime). This might be odd but he reminds me of the big guy who follows and protects his wife. No matter what he's always there.

BookBoyfriend#10 Carlos Fuentes (Perfect Chemistry2)

Little borther to Alex Fuentes. Everything i like about Alex and more in Carlos. He pretends to be this badass kid but he's actually a really nice guy. A good ,honorable guy.

Well i tried and that was my top 10 "book boyfriends" 2011.


  1. I have just now been reading the Hunger Games trilogy and I am on book 2 and loving Peeta

  2. I still need to read the Perfect Chemistry series. Carolos is on a bunch of different lists. I wanted to include Jacob but I read those books before 2011. I love Jasper. Christian Ozera is a great choice too but my heart belongs to Adrian!
    My Top 10 Book Boyfriends of 2011

  3. tnx 4 comenting

    ooh love the header



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