Friday, December 9, 2011

Review: The Guardian by Sherrilyn Kenyon

I finally got to read The Guardian by Sherrilyn Kenyon after having to wait for 3 long weeks.
Of course because  I couldn't wait and I was going crazy , I went looking for spiolers and other news and found a sneak preview of the first 4 chapters online ( at heroes and well it made me even more impatient. Then I found the extra scene on the same site which made me even more gaga, because my book was delayed by a whole week!!

But of course the book!
What I expected from The Guardian.
1. What Kenyon was gonna do with the Egyptian mythology
2. Who's Seth
3. Getting to learn more about Solin and Jaden
 4. Just the enjoyment of reading another Dark-Hunter (dream hunter novel)

So the guardian wasn't as great as the other DH novels, it is also not one of my favorites but I do like it. I'd give it 4 stars.

The books is about the key of Olympus. Seth is charged with the task of finding the key for Noir. The only person known to be in possession of the key is Solin. Seth kidnaps Solin and tortures him,  but gets nothing out of him. That's when Lydia comes in. She, a dream/werehunter (jackal), somehow finds a way into Azmodea to save Solin, who of course when he sees Lydia tells her what an idiot she is and to leave. But does she listen "of course not". So she ends up getting caught as well  by the guardian (Seth). Who then uses her as leverage against Solin. Solin has to give Seth the key in exchange for Lydia.

Seth is the son of  the Egyptian god Set which makes him a demigod.  We  also find out later that he's Menyara's nephew. We also meet Maahes another Egyptian god, who has hair like a "lions mane". Kenyon didn't really get into the Egyptian mythology, other then the mention of other Egyptian gods (my opinion at first))
After reading the book again (when I should have been studying for exams). I realized I forgot about the swallow and it's significance in Egyptian mythology and how the author incorporated that into the book.Seth has a tattoo of a swallow on his chest. The swallow (according to Egyptian mythology) is associated with death and sorrow. And if you read the book you'll really like what it is to Seth and how he got it.

Seth has a really tortured character. He's suffered a lot, actually too much . I mean come on?!
Although he's suffered so much and tries to be all bad and evil, he's still retained some goodness in him. A lot of goodness in him. Noir and Azura are indeed assholes and like Lydia I can't wait for them to get theirs.

As for Solin, I've learned a lot. He was in love with a were-hunter, who after she finds out what Solin is. Shuns him. Here's the catch. They have a daughter together. Who's the daughter . LYDIA (the heroin).
I can't say if I like her character or not. I can say I find it annoying all the random endearments she used for Seth, but I generally hate that, so maybe that's not an argument.

And Jaden! Lydia did some of us fans a favor and asked him what he was . To which he answered "fubar".
I read that and was like "whats a fubar". If you've read Acheron and know what "BPD' is, then you won't be disappointed. Since I've come across Jaden's character I've been trying to learn more about him. His mismatched eyes intrigue me. And that's one of the mayor reasons I so desperately wanted to read The Guardian. *somebody betrayed him that's why his a slave to Nior? and he can leave, he can kill Noir and Azura but then somebody he cares for will suffer? who damn it?! who?! and this other guy Verilyn, who has the same eyes as Jaden but in reverse. Whats going on??

Overall impression of the book. I liked it. I don't think there are bad/good books. There are stories. and stories are just stories. You either enjoy them or not.   I enjoyed this story with the new characters and the old ones. When Seth and Lydia found some iota of trust between them at the last 50 so pages that did bug me, was the story going to end so fast?! I guess, I now understand what some readers mean by the "rushed ending" thing. and all this time I was thinking they were "annoying crazy people". My apologies.

* if I spelled anything wrong, or bad grammar My bad

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