Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The GOodreads 2011 reading challenge

I challenged myself to reading 100 books this year.
At first i didn't think i was gonna make it. Ofcourse that was at first but then the summer vacation hit and i was going through books like chocolate cake, and i love cake.

I'm currently 14 books ahead of schedule it seems, cuz there are still 2 months left to go.
Somehow i ended up reading a lot of paranormal romance novels, which are awesome, but i still wanted to mix it up. I don't wanna stay in one genre, but the PR genre ain't boring, it doesn't seem to get boring at all.

Even tho schools started and i'm currently in an exam class i find it easy to escape from the stress . I really wanna graduate and finesh school. It's become important and havin' to possibly do the whole year over again is the most depressin' thing ever.

So although my mind wanders .and i zone out a lot during maths and economy period( i hate numbers). I'm determined to graduate and get this over with  and THEN i'll worry about university. going or not?

Anyways if you like to read and love books please check out . It's an awesome site and i love it. Also please like the page "the Su Bookclub(x)'' on facebook

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